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The second most common cancer in the world is colorectal cancer. Beside the medical treatment for this cancer, in the world was discovered another treatment which is more practical.

The one who is a live proof for curing this cancer type is Chris Wark. He was diagnosed cancer type 3, he treated it and after the surgery he denied the chemo.

Today he has explained the story in his web side.

Today have passed 11 years from that day, and he is alive and healthy. On his side he encourages and support all those who pass through the same stage and way as him.

According to Chris, if you struggle with colon cancer you need to exercise on regular basis and reduce stress as much as possible.

In case to increase the chases for survival you need to increase the consumption of purple potato. According to different studies purple potato can save lives of animals and human.

The color purple

Purple potatoes are abundant in anthocyanin pigments, which are extremely effective in destroying colon cancer stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that develop into many different cell types in the body to produce more stem cells.

The thing with cancer stem cells is that they are much stronger and more resilient to conventional oncology treatments. This means that even if the treatment kills most cancer cells, the stem cells remain intact and create future cancer cells. This is basically the main reason why cancer reappears after remission.

A recent Penn State University study examining the anti-cancer effects of purple potatoes found that even baked potatoes can destroy not only cancer cells, but also stem cancer cells with the help of anthocyanins.

For humans, the research team recommends eating a medium size purple potato for lunch and dinner or one large one per day.

The researchers believe the compounds that give fruits and vegetables their various, vibrant colours could all be effective in suppressing cancer growth.

“When you eat from the rainbow, instead of one compound, you have thousands of compounds, working on different pathways to suppress the growth of cancer stem cells,” says Vanamala. “Because cancer is such a complex disease, a silver bullet approach is just not possible for most cancers.”

The next step in Vanamala’s research is to test purple potatoes on humans and to see if they help fight other forms of cancer.

Vanamala points out that foods could offer a healthier protection against cancer because side effects are limited in comparison to those of pharmaceuticals.

Starch disappears while cooking. Salads with potatoes no matter if are white or purple they will help and provide the needed nutrients.

Resistant starch is particularly high in purple potatoes. Moreover, it contains chlorogenic acid – a powerful antioxidant and tumor fighter. The highest content of this starch is found in starchy foods that are either raw or cooked then cooled by refrigeration and eaten at room temperature.

Janie Higgins explains about the potato salads:

“Resistant starch is found in peas, beans and other legumes, green bananas, and also in cooked and cooled starchy products like sushi rice and pasta salad. You have to consume it at room temperate or below — as soon as you heat it, the resistant starch is gone. But consumed correctly, it appears to kill pre-cancerous cells in the bowel.”

In addition you will see the discovering of purple potato and its curing benefits and it’s helping in improving the overall health.

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