ATTENTION: These seven signs indicate a heart attack, many ignore them!

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Do not ignore these seven symptoms!

Believe it or not, the heart attack will not come without an announcement, but you will notice weeks and days before after symptoms that people often ignore because they do not consider them to be a great danger. In men and women, the symptoms that precede the stroke differ. Namely, as many as 95% of women who suffered cardiac arrest months and weeks before the heart attack had warning symptoms. Erectile dysfunction
People with erectile dysfunction often suffer from heart disease. In heart disease, arteries become narrower and limit blood flow to the penis.


Your heart is in danger if you have a limited flow of air in your chest during a night’s sleep. Three times more chances of a heart attack in the next five years have people who have trouble breathing and in with and who during their sleep stops breathing for a few short moments.

Problems with the gums

You should visit your dentist if you have inflamed and swollen gums or you bleed. But these symptoms can be an early sign of heart problems. Many people do not keep their gums. Even if they are swollen or sick, most people think that pain will simply get lost.

The connection between bacteria that occur due to gum inflammation and plaque some studies indicate heart problems.

Swollen legs

In case your joints become too swollen, you probably have a problem with keeping the fluid in the body, which may be an early symptom of heart disease.

This happens when your heart does not pump sufficiently, and as a consequence, the blood does not purify the toxic elements of the tissue. This condition is called edema, and usually occurs in the feet, fingers, hands and feet.

Improper heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia is an emotion when your heart beats too fast, when you harness too hard or even skips the beats.

Fingertips or shoulders

The most common symptom of an unhealthy heart is angina pectoris. This type of chest pain is not the same as acute pain that occurs in a heart attack. This is a severe or deep chest pain, but it is worse with every breath. This pain is often replaced with pain in the lower part of the stomach, and it occurs because the heart is left without blood due to the chest and because it works under pressure. This condition can be exacerbated by stress and exercise.

Short sighs

A number of risky diseases may indicate short sighs that may be early signs of heart or lung disease. Symptoms include: breathing problems, chest and lung pressure, and inability for deep breaths.

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